About Jonathan

Jonathan is a children’s book author, illustrator, and cartoonist. He has been an artist his entire life, working primarily in pen and ink as well as watercolor, although he long ago traded in his pen and ink in for a mouse and monitor, doing most of his drawing in Adobe Illustrator. He works nearly entirely in digital format now, with an occasional foray into the world of watercolor, pencils, and pen and ink.

Jonathan was born in Pasadena, Texas, raised in Chula Vista, California, and presently finds his home on the beautiful Northern Plains of Montana, just eighty miles east of Glacier National Park and thirty-eight miles south of the Canadian border.

Jonathan is a visual artist, cartoonist and children’s book author. During the winter months, he has the best day-job in the world: working with the awesome kids of Shelby, Montana as a custodian in the school district where his wife, Ceilon, is the high school art teacher. During the summer months, they can be found traveling the country, working art festivals and fairs and book tours, as well as hiking, kayaking, and camping. They are accompanied on their amazing journey by a feisty Papillon-Dachshund cross named Wiley Orion, and their two cats, Montana Kitty and Frankie Valentine. Jonathan is extremely grateful for the dream-come-true life that they have been blessed with.